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What is the DVI?

The Diversity Value Index, or DVI, was created by BetterWork Media Group in 2012 to assess the real impact of diversity on organizational transformation and business outcomes. Designed to educate professionals about the bottom-line impact of diversity, advise with best practices and innovations from the D&I function and inspire organizations to move beyond the concept of diversity as a bio-demographic function alone, the DVI provides a deeper understanding of the significance of the diversity and inclusion function.

How does the DVI work?

The Diversity Value Index Survey will serve as the basis of the new DVI. Participant input provides broader understanding of the value of diversity and unique and innovative solutions and ideas for business. Talent Tracker data will give broader demographic understanding.

Specific and measurable organizational practices are key to understanding the changes in organizational diversity. Continuing to assess the impact of diversity on organizational transformation and business outcomes is important, and we would like to continue improving the information we share. By examining data from both public and private sources, we hope to gain a more robust picture than ever before of D&I achievements and outcomes. This new approach to the DVI can improve best practices in diversity by considering the available talent pool in conjunction with the endeavors of participating organizations.

The transition to a free survey will help lower the barrier of participation in the program and allow for a wider organizational variance in participation. Participants will receive participation badges and recognition on our website. Our aim is to gain better understanding of the current condition of diversity and inclusion, where improvements might be made and to more quickly provide participants with a valuable asset for self-assessment.

Whitepapers for download

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The 2019 Diversity Value Index is closed.

The 2019 Diversity Value Index Survey closed May 31st.

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If you have any questions about the DVI program, please send an email to: info@betterworkmedia.com.

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